The 8th Malopolska Academy of Talents

The Malopolska Academy of Talents is an unique way to expirience classical music. The organizers of the Malopolska Academy of Talents want to give a chance to young players to improve their skills under the supervision of experienced and recognized experts of classical music. During the courses, participants have the opportunity to make direct contact with a selected teacher and work with her or him individually. The formula of the courses, developed over the past years, is destined to broaden the musical horizons of young instrumentalists and give them tools to independently assess the level of their skills, and to set out new bold but achievable goals to which they will strive. This year, the organizers invited to lead courses nine artists of various specialties. Participants also have the opportunity to take part in a chamber course. 

To participate in the courses are invited students of music schools and students and graduates of music, from Poland and abroad. The principal idea of Malopolska’s music courses is pointed versus openness to people from small towns, where access to music education is difficult for various reasons.

During the 8th Malopolska Academy of Talents, in addition to courses and lectures there will be an artistic events, participation in which will be open to a wide audience from a particular town and region. The project aims also to promote the Malopolska region as particularly developing in terms of high culture and creating the necessary infrastructure for it.

"Thanks to the kindness of the local authorities and the director of the Primary Music School in Łącko, dr hab. Stanisław Strączek, we can work with talented young musicians, and together perform concerts during the 7th edition of Mlopolska Academy of Talents, and in this way we can create a unique artistic atmosphere in entire region". Marek Szlezer, pianist and Artistic Director of Malopolska Academy of Talents.

Artistic Director of Music Courses the 8th Malopolska Academy of Talents, held in Łącko from June 26th to July 3rd, 2022, is dr hab. Marek Szlezer, prof. AMKP.


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